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CVC is your place for analog to digital transfers. We do everything in house and never ship things out, so there is no need to worry about things getting lost in the mail.
Our pricing is based on getting the work done with the final picture and audio quality being the best it can be. We do not simply transfer the footage and leave it. We trim out what is not needed and clean up* the image and audio the best we can. Each slide is scanned and cleaned up. Audio cassettes are done with the correct Dolby NR as well as post correction. Many people don't know this but there are three different tape materials for audio cassettes: types I, II, IV. Type III is very, very rare.


• Hi8 (8mm or Video8)
• Digital 8
• MiniDV

• Compact Cassette (I,II,IV)

8mm & Super8

Other formats may be possible, call and ask for Nick. You never know. 860-645-1454


all tape based video is 10 dollars per hour of actual footage ingested. We remove long static, black frames, blue frames(miniDV), and accidental TV shows and commercials that may be on the tape in-between or after home movies.

audio is 10 dollars per cassette.

Slides are 75 cents a piece.
8mm film is 30 cents a foot.

We can not tell you upfront how much it will cost for tape media. We have no way of telling how much footage is there before we start the process. An average VHS holds 2 hrs., but can hold more.
*restoration for video tape formats is 10 dollars an hour.


For video based formats you can have your footage put on DVD(s), Blu-Ray(8mm Film & HDV), or Flash Drive(s). Choosing a Flash drive does cost more, *However a digital file is easier to not lose or have destroyed when using one of the many cloud services.

The lifetime of a burnable DVD varies but is generally consider to be 10 years. Quality burnable DVDs are becoming harder to find, so this option may not be here forever.

Audio can be put on a CD-R or a Flash Drive.

CVC can Email you files.

*CVC recommends backing up files on a cloud server

Restoration EXAMPLES


before and after Ektachrome


* restoration (clean up) on VHS must be requested and will have an added cost, There are two main reasons for this, one is that VHS generally has an abundance of footage, so the process is setup for a more quick economical solution. Reason Two is that due to the low fidelity of VHS it can take more time to look right and now odd. Sometimes it is simply not worth touching as it will look odd. Without cleanup the image is still 1:1 with the original source, but no enhancements have been made.

Before cleanupAfter cleanup
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