How to Help CVC

Donating to CVC is as simple as hitting the donate button at the top of the page. Also CVC is listed on Amazon Smile, simply click the link above, below or right here to make CVC your charity of choice. After that simply shop on amazon smile ( instead of the original site (www. You can also help CVC by giving in kind donations. This type of donation is an item or service. Listed below is a list of possible in kind donations.

Example Items

• Paper 8.5 x 11
• Tape: gaffer, invisible tape
• Paper towels select a size
Pull through paper towel
• Trash bags 10gal and 30gal
• Toner for Oki MC561
LED Lights soft white
• Pens and Highlighters

Rechargeable batteries
• Extension cord
• Clamps
• Tools
• Cables (USB, XLR, HDMI, Thunderbolt, etc.)
DVD Single Layer and DVD Dual Layer
Blu-Ray disks

Business Hours

Monday        9:15am to 7:30pm
Tuesday        9:15am to 7:30pm
Wednesday 9:15am to 7:30pm
Thursday      9:15am to 7:30pm
Friday            9:15am to 5:30pm
Saturday      Closed
Sunday        Closed

Location / Contact

Community Voice Channel
105 Notch Road
Bolton, CT 06043
860-645-1454 /

Channel List

Public HD - Channel 1070
Education - Channel 95/1090
Government - Channel 96/1084

Channel List

Public - Channel 6013
Education - Channel 6014
Government -Channel 6015