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The Bill has been voted out of the E&T Committee. This was the first big step now it's up to the rest of the lawmakers in the House and Senate.

Below you will see a few buttons for emailing your representatives. House, Senate, and Both.

Add a subject like, "Support HB5446"

Write a message like, "Please support HB 5446. As a citizen of Connecticut, I support and watch public access. This is bill is not a new tax and is a fair tax distribution, the money from which goes towards many public goods like, funding CTN, funding Public Access, Technology Grants, Affordable Internet, and puts long exempt money back into the hands of local municipalities".

If the button doesn't automatically bring up your email client and populate the Blind CC Field, just copy the email address list that appeared in the address bar of the new tab that was opened, and past it into the "BCC field" of your favorite email client.

CT House of Representatives

Click the face to email

001 - Speaker Matthew Ritter (D)
002 - Raghib Allie-Brennan (D)
003 - Minnie Gonzalez (D)
004 - Julio Concepcion (D)
005 - Maryam Khan (D)
006 - James Sanchez (D)
007 - Joshua Hall (D)
008 - Tim J. Ackert (R)
009 - Jason Rojas (D)
010 - Henry Genga (D)
011 - Jeffrey Currey (D)
012 - Geoff Luxenberg (D)

CT State Senators

Click the face to email

S01 - John W. Fonfara (D)
S02 - Douglas McCrory (D)
S03 - Saud Anwar (D)
S04 - MD Rahman (D)
S05 - Derek Slap (D)
S06 - Rick Lopes (D)
S07 - John A. Kissel (R)
S08 - Lisa Seminara (R)
S09 - Matthew Lesser (D)
S10 - Gary A. Winfield (D)
S11 - Martin M. Looney (D)
S12 - Christine Cohen (D)