Field and Studio Workshops

To become a Producer with CVC: you must complete a workshop and live in one of our seven towns: Andover, Bolton, Ellington, Hebron, Marlborough, Tolland, or Vernon. You must also attend all scheduled workshops and help create the final project.

*You can live in another town if you would like to become a Crew Member for a Producer who lives in one of our seven towns.

Studio Workshop

(Takes place during the week from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm)


A Studio Workshop consists of four, two-hour sessions.

*Must have a minimum of 6 people signed up for the workshop to take place.


• 1st Session: Go over Policies and Procedures. Briefly talk about set design then lecture and demonstrate the six major studio positions including: director, graphics, control board, audio operator, camera and floor manager.


• 2nd Session: Questions about last session? Role reversal begins and everyone gets to try out the positions except director. Discuss final project.


• 3rd Session: Continue with role reversal but this time adding in director.  Assign positions for final project. The guest and interviewer are chosen by CVC.


•4th Session: Final Project Day.  Create set design and complete a 15 to 20 minute interview to broadcast on Public Access Channel 5.


*After completing this four-day workshop, you become a certified Studio Producer and Crew Member*

Basic Field Workshop

(Scheduled based on your availability Monday through Friday)


A Field Workshop consists of two to three, two-hour sessions.

Can be taught in a small group or offered as a one on one.


• 1st Session: Go over Policies and Procedures. Lecture and demonstrate how to set up a GL-2 Canon Camera and tripod.  Learn about microphones and audio techniques, white balancing, focusing, and writing a story board. Briefly explain camera angles and shots, cutaways, and a basic sequence.

•Homework = Write a short Public Service Announcement and find actor(s) if needed.


• 2nd Session: Film your Public Service Announcement (PSA) to become a commercial during the recent Studio Workshop Final Production to broadcast on Public Access Channel 5.


• 3rd Session: Learn to edit PSA with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

•Depending on your availability session 2 and 3 can be combined.


*After completing this three-day workshop, you become a certified Field Producer and Crew Member*

Advanced Field Workshop

(Scheduled based on your availability Monday through Friday)


After taking the Basic Field Workshop and producing two to three shows here at CVC, you are then entitled to lean our High Definition Sony HXR-NX3. It will take about 2 hours to lean the camera.


Visiting School, Senior Centers, etc.

(Scheduled based on their availability Monday through Friday)


As the Outreach & Trainer Manager I, Melanie Merkel, will personally go into a school or senior center to teach those that have signed up for a class, video club, etc.  I will bring as many field cameras (Canon GL2) as needed (up to 8) and train everyone involved on how to use them.  We will discuss camera terms as well as how to use the camera and add attachments like audio adapters.  Editing is taught if the establishment has the editing software or the individuals can come to CVC to learn the software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


• This is offered in return for a program to air on either Public or Education Access.


*After completing this workshop, you are entitled to use the equipment in return for a program.*



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