The Community Voice Channel (CVC) offers production and post-production facilities to allow you to produce all types of live and prerecorded video programming. Our studio is designed to fully service a variety of production needs.

Studio Production

CVC's Master Control Room employs a professional quality 3 camera switcher that provides real-time transitions, fades, and keying along with the ability to integrate CG and B-Roll footage into playback. Our Master Control Room is used in producing both live and prerecorded programming. The format used for recording is Mini-DV or Solid State.

CVC's Master Control Room also uses a twelve channel audio mixing board that allows you to control audio for up to eight separate guests as well as discrete tracks for CD and cassette.

CVC's studio is designed to accommodate a range of different programming. Shown below are a couple of the more typical scenarios, i.e., a talk show setup and a panel discussion.

CVC employs three JVC broadcast-quality studio cameras that possess the latest advances in order to give you the most flexibility and reliability in the studio environment.

Field Production

CVC uses Canon GL2 mini-DV cameras for field production. We also offer all of the accessories needed for field production including tripods, lighting kits, shotgun and Lavaliere microphones, along with a variety of other items.


Edit 1

CVC offers two editing suites. Each has the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Edit 1 has a custom built Windows machine. Edit 2 has a 2014 Mac Pro. Both machines have equal processing power. Projects can be edited on either, starting a project in one operating system doesn't lock you out of the other.

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